Arminè Kassabian, media

"En Adalgisa , Arminè Kassabian a offert l'une des performances les plus senties de la distribution: son sens dramatique, l'aissance de sa gestuelle, son excellente projection, la souplesse et la précision de sa voix nous ont valu de remarquables instants"

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Josée Fortin, L'Opéra la revue de l'Art lyrique Automne 2016


"Toutefois, ce sont les duos entre Norma et Adalgisa qui ont  été les moments les plus mémorables de la production, tant sur le plan musical qu'artistique."

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Josée Fortin,  L'Opéra la revue de la l'Art lyrique Automne 2016


"A l'éblouissante mezzo-soprano canadienne, Arminè Kassabian, dont la force et la beauté de la voix ont vivement touché les cœurs"

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M.Ragheb, journaliste internationale et écrivaine, Mai 18 2016


"Some of the evening’s most fervent applause went to the mezzo-soprano Armine Kassabian. Singing Butterfly’s maid, Suzuki, Kassabian is not only a strong singer but a superior actress. Her reactions to Butterfly’s betrayal (she learns of it before her mistress does) provide a powerful framework for the story, giving it even greater magnitude."

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"Arminè Kassabian as Cio-Cio-San’s maid Suzuki comes close to upstaging Shuying Li with an emotional vocal performance. Both share great chemistry on stage and sound fantastic together when they harmonize. Their joyful duet as they cover the house in flowers for Pinkerton’s return is a musical highlight."

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"Of the various servants particular mention should be made of Arminè Kassabian as Suzuki. She has a wonderful voice and is very compelling as Cio Cio San's steadfast confidant and friend." "She did have a most suitable partner in her servant Suzuki, sung by the extremely talented Arminè Kassabian whose rich mezzo soprano tones embellished by her strength as an actor, allowed a real dialogue of voices to take place. Together they struck a good balance especially on the upper notes; take for example the duet when they are tossing flower petals around the stage preparing the house for Pinkterton’s return,the voices blended beautifully and Mme Kassabian held her own very well."

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"Suzuki is an exceptionally congenial role for most mezzos and Arminè Kassabian did well by it vocally and dramatically." "Two other artists who stole the show include Ottawa’s own Armine Kassabian, who plays Suzuki, Cio-Cio’s loyal maidservant and Statford, Ontario’s James Westman, who plays American Consulate Sharpless."

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"Excellently developed character of Suzuki (Arminè Kassabian)"

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"the Composer—my goodness! It was astonishing that so petite a singer could produce so voluminous and luscious a tone. The Canadian mezzo Arminè Kassabian was making her role and company debut, and I cannot imagine any way in which her performance could have been improved upon. This is a young singer with a talent so exciting that I am sure she has a major career ahead of her."

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Seen and Heard International, Bernard Jacobson, February 27 2014


"with the fresh-toned mezzo-soprano Arminè Kassabian’s Composer rounding out the list of principals."

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Toronto Star, William Littler, February 28 2014


"Mezzo-soprano Arminè Kassabian dominates the prologue with her amazing vocals and spot-on acting. Dazzling as the young composer, she displayed incredible power and precision – her voice could push an audience against the backs of their seats.

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CVV Magazine .com, Erin Anderson February 18 2014


"Mezzo Arminè Kassabian, singing with both beauty and strength, makes us love the ardent, idealistic young Composer (a trouser role). "

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Times Colonist, Kevin Bazzana, February 14 2014


“Most delightful was the patter quintet where the two women smugglers tell the importance of women in their smuggling operation. The music was the highlight there but the singing especially foregrounded the dramatic voice of soprano Arminè Kassabian ( Mercédès) who made her presence felt on several occasions during the evening .“

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Capital Critics Circle,Alvina Ruprecht, September 12, 2013


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Ottawa Citizen, Richard Todd, September 9, 2013


“She’s got a real set of pipes,” Opera Lyra board member John Coleman was heard saying of Kassabian’s singing.” 


“Sang beautiful arias in a living room full of nearly 60 guests, wowing everyone with their powerful voices, tremendous range and emotive gestures.”

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Ottawa Citizen, Caroline Phillips, June 16, 2013


"Arminè Kassabian’s Cinderella had all the traits of innate kindness"

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​Capital Critics Circle, Rajka Stefanovska, November 4, 2012


"Arminè Kassabian, used her unusual rich but light mezzo warmly to deliver Dorabella’s lyrical lines."

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Times Argus, Jim Lowe June 17, 2011


"Le jeune Hänsel est, comme toujours, chanté par une jeune voix de femme, préférablement une mezzo. Celle d'hier soir, Arminè Kassabian, projette une bonne voix et joue avec nature"

La Presse, Claude Gingras, Novembre 2010​


"Arminè Kassabian, playing Mother Marie, gave an appropriately dramatic rendition of the role, responding naturally to the discouraging events around her and singing beautifully throughout."

The Phonograph, McGill University,  March 2009


"En 1er sorcière , Arminè Kassabian, avec une vrai presence scenique et vocale."​

Le Devoir, Christopher Huss, Novembre 2008


"Arminè Kassabian, used her rich and light mezzo warmly to deliver Dorabella’s lyrical lines." ​

-  Jim Lowe - Times, Juin 2011




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